The duty of the Awards Committee is to solicit nominations for yearly recognition of outstanding faculty, staff, students, and community members, both on and off campus. Nominations will be accepted from or on behalf of qualified nominees with notable achievements in promoting the status of women, regardless of the sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation of those nominees. The award categories will be as follows: Outstanding Faculty Member, Outstanding Staff Member, Outstanding Undergraduate, Outstanding Graduate Student, and Outstanding Community Member. The Commission Vice Chair serves as the Chair of the Awards Committee.

Sarah Lee (Chair)
Angella Baker
Nelle Cohen
Brett Harvey
Judy Middleton
Blair Reed
Toni Roberson

Planning and Programming

The duties of the Planning and Programming Committee are to have responsibility for planning and conducting programs on behalf of the Commission and to develop, revise, and monitor goals and objectives, both short and long term, of the Commission.

Kate McClellan and Betty Thomas (Co-Chairs)
Ra'Sheda Boddie-Forbes
Kimberly Kelly
Susan Seal
Danielle Wylie
Christine Jackson (Advisory member since current Treasurer)

Public Information and Advocacy

The duties of the Public Information and Advocacy Committee are to serve as the liaison between the Commission and University Relations and other media in the promotion of the Commission and its programs, work, and goals and to identify women’s issues and determine what, if any, action is called for. This committee will also designate a webmaster to work in conjunction with a liaison in University Relations to regularly update the website.

Sheeji Kathuria (Chair) 
JP Abercrumbie
Diane Alexander
Kay Brocato
Kylie Forrester
Kaitlynn Orlandi
Leah Pylate